strategic implementation of public relations

The news cycle is short: How do you keep from falling off the radar, once
you’ve launched?

PR ProAct ™
Harness industry issues: use PR to build your case and defend it. SIPR can help you leverage your resources in the absence of hard news, if you are ready to take bold moves to make a mark in your key markets.

Get published
Share your expertise. Many publications rely on experts and scientists for insight from the field. More than a “publicity pitch,” a stream of contributed articles circulates your savoir-faire. Develop customer stories based on the problem that your products and expertise solve.

Hit the speaking circuit
Get ready to take the stage as an industry insider. A large company might seem stale and poised to be overtaken, while a smaller company—maybe
yours—can occupy the sweet spot of the industry, awash in
interest from partners, customers, investors.

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Reach out to media and users; break news about
your product, service and your reference customers.
Stake your claim to your area of expertise and
reframe industry issues to your advantage. Start
the conversation and keep it going.
– SIPR’s PR ProAct™