strategic implementation of public relations

Knowing what to do, when¡ªand how to do it¡ªis critical to good PR and all aspects of your marketing effort.

Through our work with startups, we¡¯ve honed a set of tools that play well for companies of all sizes. Our model helps a company look outside itself into the larger context of competition, economic and industry issues¡­ and inside to tease out its most relevant technical skills and processes in response to market needs.

In PR (and business), good results depend on establishing credibility and building relationships. Media outreach is more than distributing a press release to
the greatest number of media outlets. SIPR helps you engage the
people you need to reach: those who benefit most
from knowing what you are offering.

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Position is the basis of marketing communication:
it drives high-level strategy and dictates the tactics to use to best state what you do and what class of problem you solve.